How to Stash That Cash - The Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio (Paperback)

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Will your emergency fund cover you when that emergency hits?

If you have it in a savings or money market account, it probably won’t
If you have it stashed in your mattress, it definitely won’t.

Learn how to stash your cash the better way. The real purpose of an emergency fund is to preserve it, not lose it. 

The Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio is a simple and conservative investment approach that has preserved purchasing power better than stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and money market accounts over a variety of holding periods. It’s simple, easy to implement (you can do this yourself!), and has decades of data backing it up.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Everyone’s emergency cash needs are different. We’ve dedicated an entire chapter to helping you figure out your customized target emergency fund amount.

  • Learn how banks are bilking you of your money and what to do about it

  • Stocks are risky... except when they're in a diversified portfolio... the data and reasons why it's safer to include stocks

  • Why the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio (ULP) performs so well

  • Detailed instructions on how to get started with the ULP in about 10 minutes

  • How to take money out when the emergency need hits to avoid negative tax consequences

  • Hyperinflation, depressions, and more... How the ULP performs when the world looks really scary or really great

  • The philosophy of the ULP and human behavior: why we choose low correlation, real returns, drawdown resiliency, and liquidity