How to Become an Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio Investor (Online Course)

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Become an Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio Investor

Are you ready to start stashing your cash the smarter way? 

Are you ready to start actually implementing the ULP investment approach you learned about in my book?

The good news? It's super simple to get started!

In This 2-Week Course We'll Cover:

  • Exclusive video content: Watch author Chris Kawaja walk through each chapter sharing stories, experiences and case studies not found in the book.

  • Understanding the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio - we'll revisit or refresh your ULP knowledge through quizzes and tests so you can be confident you're ready to start implementing the ULP. 

  • Exercises from Chris to help you start where you are and build a better savings strategy from the ground up.

  • Worksheets to guide you through how to actually set - and most importantly - stick to the ULP investment approach for the long term. 

  • Hands-on, interactive learning - Chris will help you review, improve and forecast your savings strategy with online cost calculators, and show you some options on how to implement the ULP with screen-shares. and more. 

Investing can be scary, but ignoring the negative returns in your savings accounts presents a much bigger threat! Take action with the 'How to Become a ULP Stasher' online course today!

What People Are Saying:

The first lesson is already worth the price of admission. Thank you! I've been placing blind faith in money market accounts and savings accounts for years out of convenience and a little ignorance on my part. After learning how the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio works and has performed in major economic crisis', it's an investing approach I'm excited to use in the future. Thank you again! 

- Darren M, Little Rock, TX


I've been ignoring the negative returns because it just seemed to complicated and overwhelming to do something about it. After reading the book I knew I wanted to start using the ULP and this course made it feel mike a seamless task!

- Paul M, Palm Desert, CA


If you're ready to start investing your savings seriously, take responsibility for your personal finances so you're covered when that unforeseen emergency hits then this course is for you!

- Joan C, Birmingham, AL