How to Stash That Cash - The Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio (Plus FREE eBook Digital Download)

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Serial Entrepreneur and Personal Finance Expert Chris Kawaja Reveals his Emergency Fund Investing Framework - for the First Time:


If you have it in a savings or money market account, it probably won’t. 
If you have it stashed in your mattress, it definitely won’t. 

After decades of investing, I finally discovered a simple and conservative emergency fund investment approach that has preserved purchasing power better than stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and money market accounts over a variety of holding periods. I call it the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio and in this book I lay out it's principles, historic performance and the simple, easy to implement (you can do this yourself!), steps to preserving your emergency fund, not losing it!

- Chris Kawaja, Author





"This is the book I wish I had when I started saving for my emergency fund. This $15 book will help me save $1000's in the future so I'm more than well prepared for when that 'emergency hits."

- Lee Malcher, CA



PLUS you'll also receive FREE instant access to:

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If you are tired of the low rates offered by banks, you want an investment that grows without the crazy swings of the stock market or have a desire to build a safe emergency savings vehicle, then this book is for you! You'll learn:


What You’ll Learn:

  • Everyone’s emergency cash needs are different. We’ve dedicated an entire chapter to helping you figure out your customized target emergency fund amount.

  • Learn how banks are bilking you of your money and what to do about it

  • Stocks are risky... except when they're in a diversified portfolio... the data and reasons why it's safer to include stocks

  • Why the Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio (ULP) performs so well

  • Detailed instructions on how to get started with the ULP in about 10 minutes

  • How to take money out when the emergency need hits to avoid negative tax consequences

  • Hyperinflation, depressions, and more... How the ULP performs when the world looks really scary or really great

  • The philosophy of the ULP and human behavior: why we choose low correlation, real returns, drawdown resiliency, and liquidity 


Chris Kawaja created the ULP and wrote How To Stash That Cash alongside co-author Shannon Matthiesen. As financial industry veterans who have studied and worked alongside some of the greatest minds in the investment business, they have a unique insight into exactly how everyone should invest and preserve emergency funds at every age. Quite simply, it's the "best liquid strategy they've ever seen."

“This tax efficient strategy is simple, easy to implement, and has performed in markets of all stripes – from full-blown panics to massive economic booms."

In his decades of investing, Chris Kawaja has learned from some of the greatest minds in the business. He studied economics with Paul Krugman at Stanford, did investment research at Goldman Sachs, received an MBA with high distinction from the Harvard Business School, and worked with Ray Dalio at Bridgewater. 

The Problem

 There is a problem with financial advice. For years, you’ve been told that savings and money market accounts are the perfect place to hold “emergency funds,” the cash you or your family may need in face of an unexpected emergency.

However, what you’re not told is that these funds can actually decrease in value over time because the low interest rates provided by banks fail to keep pace with inflation. The result? Most emergency funds will not cover you when that inevitable emergency hits.

The Experience 

Too many people close to Chris have had their retirements and savings destroyed by market crises.  So he wanted to build a simple, crisis-resistant portfolio.

He saw advisors getting rich while their clients weren't. Even his smartest friends didn't see how they were getting trapped by decision flaws like loss aversion, ignoring taxes, and the nominal value fallacy.

The Result

With the help of finance industry veteran and co-author Shannon Matthiesen the ULP was the key focus of "How to Stash That Cash - The Ultimate Liquidity Portfolio" - an insightful, original, and timely book that redefines saving in the 21st century.


Insightful, original, and timely, this book redefines saving in the 21st century.


“Chris has written the ultimate playbook for people who  want yield, growth, and an alternative to the meager returns banks have been paying you, you need to read this book." — James D, AZ

The ULP is an ongoing investment approach that means you'll often need to revisit the book to make sure you're still preserving your emergency fund correctly after change of circumstances, market fluctuations and more.

Bundle up with both paperback and ebook so you have access to the ULP at home and on -the-go wherever you are!